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Helping your student choose the right college takes time and careful study. 在兰开斯特圣经学院, our goal is to provide the academic and spiritual preparation your student needs for their career as a servant leader for Christ. We empower them to use their unique gifts and talents to fulfill their calling – 神的计划 为他们.

我们的学术课程的基础是圣经. 圣经的世界观构成了整个LBC的经历. 通过我们的项目和事工, 神的话语教导我们如何生活, 彼此交往,奉他的名. 非正式的, 在校园里到处都是, students and 教师 meet regularly to further apply a biblical worldview and its impact on their individual careers and lives and the lives of others.

简单地说,我们训练你的学生 头,心和手 为上帝和世界服务的职业.

最终, you want to have confidence that your student is fulfilling their calling at the right institution. You also want to trust that they’re safe and spending time in the company of Christian believers.







Read about student life on LBC’s campus where Christian community and fellowship come together.


  • 父母的电子通讯 – The Vice President for 传统的Undergraduate Education sends out a regular email newsletter to 父母 of undergraduate students containing words of encour年龄ment, 重要的约会和校园生活的一瞥. 要接收此通讯, 请填妥此表格.
  • Is your student ready to graduate from LBC this semester or academic year? Find out all the information graduates and their 父母 might want to know concerning the ceremony and the events that surround it. 了解更多
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什么是Charger Bucks ?它们是如何购买的? Charger Bucks are simply money that has been added to a student’s LBC ID card for use at campus eateries like Hollee’s Cafe, Bennee小酒馆和餐厅. Charger Bucks can be used by any student, 工作人员 or 教师 member that has an LBC ID card.

任何人都可以购买——学生, 工作人员, 教师, 父母, 朋友, 爷爷奶奶, 阿姨, 叔叔和兄弟姐妹. 在购买Charger Bucks时,请记住:

  • Charger Bucks will be available for use on your LBC ID Card within 1 business day of confirmation of a successful transaction. (Bucks purchased on a Friday may not be available until the following Monday.)
  • 充电器不退款.
  • Charger Bucks确实会在未来的学期中滚动.
  • 最低购买金额为20美元.

我如何购买Charger Bucks?

  • By Cash or Check – Visit the Solution Center on our Lancaster campus in Upper Esbenshade during regular office hours (M-F, 8 a.m.-4 p.m.).
  • 通过信用卡在线- 点击购买bucks


Do professors sign a statement of faith to teach at the college?

是的. 教职员工被要求确认学院的 信仰声明.

How do I know my child is taking the classes needed for graduation?

Each student is assigned an academic advisor with whom they are required to meet before registering for classes each semester. 而顾问是一种资源, it is the student’s responsibility to make sure they are getting the classes they need. If you have further questions, please contact the Registrar’s Office at 717.569.7071.


Go to Undergraduate 招生 for a detailed explanation of AP credit and outside course transfer requirements. 所有学分转移都由注册办公室批准.


Each undergraduate student is given a curriculum sheet to guide their course selection throughout their four years. An academic hold is placed on a student’s class registration and is lifted once the student’s class selection is approved by the advisor each semester. 最终, it is the student’s responsibility to ensure they are meeting graduation requirements.

Where can I find a listing of all the courses offered at LBC?

The college catalog lists all courses and a brief description of each.

What kind of job can my child get with a Bible college degree?

LBC equips Christian men and women with the biblical foundation for ministry whether it is in a church, 一个业务, 一所学校, 或者其他领域. 许多学生选择在有信仰的机构工作, but the general education requirements ensure that students are prepared for any type of job. A student’s academic advisor can provide more information about specific job opportunities relevant to the student’s major.


New students can pre-register for fall classes during the summer. 当前的学生, 信誉良好, are registered at the end of each semester for the following semester’s classes.


We understand that having your student living in a dorm or an apartment is not the same as having them in their own bed at home. LBC takes active protective measures to ensure the safety of all our students. 例如,宵禁时间设定为每天凌晨1点. Dorms are secured by a fob system which locks automatically at curfew, 所以在早上6点之前,任何人都不能进入大楼.

我们的公共安全部队也随时待命. 可以联系到他们 717.560.8247.

Are there special accommodations made for students with learning disabilities or physical handicaps?

教室, 公共区域, 一些宿舍是残疾人无障碍的, 学校还为残疾学生提供住宿. 请与无障碍服务办公室联络,电话 717.569.7071 ext. 有任何具体问题或疑虑.


是的. They must submit a change of program form to the Registrar’s Office, 由他们的新老学术顾问签名. They should talk to their academic advisor about how the change may or may not affect projected time to graduation, 以及其他课程要求.

Who should my child talk to if they have a concern about their academic standing?

与注册办公室联系 717.569.7071.


根据FERPA法律, LBC cannot release a student’s grades to any outside party without written consent from the student. 如果您想查看您孩子的成绩, please talk to them and have them sign a release form through the Registrar’s Office.


期中成绩只发给一年级学生. Final grades are typically available two weeks after the semester has ended.



Who handles enrollment verification or proof of registration?

请与解决方案中心联系 717.560.8248. They also handle transcript requests needed for verification.

未涉及的问题可以在 Undergraduate招生常见问题.